Precise design drawings without drafting

Intuitive step-by-step configurator automatically creates electrical drawings and specifications ready for Bid and Construction.

When it needs to be ready today

No drawing markups
and multiple rounds
of backchecking are required

Meet all applicable local and national codes

Automatic electrical drawings and specs creation in minutes

No software download required. Everything is done online

Automatic equipment, cable, and conduit sizing

Industry adopted installation details and specifications

Significantly reduce project time & cost

Avoid design and drafting human errors

User friendly intuitive interface

Built for secure collaboration

ELDAPRO for EV charging industry

ELDAPRO is dynamic software tailored for the EV Charging industry. This innovative platform is set to provide unparalleled support for owners, design engineers, equipment vendors, and contractors by establishing a unified collaboration hub.

Our unique software offers numerous benefits to EV Charging equipment vendors, including enhanced exposure for your products within the industry, simplified equipment selection for both owners and engineers, and a powerful marketing tool for promoting new offerings.

ELDAPRO proposes a software package that will encompass a comprehensive range of features, with the primary aim of simplifying and streamlining the entire process, from conception to realization.

Our software solution is designed to provide the following features:

  1. Complete Configurator for EV Charging Stations:
    • Generate electrical drawings and specifications ready for permit, bid, and construction.
    • Automatically size power distribution equipment, utility service, cables, and conduits.
    • Automatically calculate available short circuit and voltage drop for each circuit.
  2. Construction Cost Estimate:
    • Provide an accurate construction cost estimate for the specified EV Charging system.
    • Ensure that project budgets are meticulously planned and adhered to.
  3. Power Distribution and Equipment Information:
    • Offer comprehensive power distribution and EV Charging equipment information ready for quote or submittal preparation.
    • Facilitate informed decision-making and contractor selection.
  4. Real-Time Collaboration:
    • Provide online real-time collaboration for multiple parties, including equipment vendors, engineers, and contractors.
    • Streamline communication and project coordination.
  5. Project Exchange and Learning Tool:
    • Enable the easy exchange of projects within your organization or with external resources.
    • Serve as a valuable learning tool for EV Charging equipment options, fostering industry knowledge.
  6. Easy Drawing Preparation:
    • No AutoCAD or Revit is required for drawing preparation.
    • Easily create electrical site plans with Google Map backgrounds or civil site plan PDFs.
  7. Rapid Project Preparation:
    • The average time expected for the preparation of a complete set of electrical drawings and specifications, along with a construction cost estimate, is a mere 20-30 minutes.

Discover software structure

Project Information

  • Set up your new project number, name, location, owner and prime consultant
  • Establish lift station and backup generator type, main overcurrent protection device and drawing title block info

Project Standards

  • Select project applicable standards so they can be automatically applied
  • Determine hazardous areas for equipment enclosure specification
  • Set standards for cables, raceways, enclosures, and mounting hardware
  • Specify electrical equipment acceptable vendors, required tests and training
  • Standardize on indication lights coloring scheme
  • Specify contacts and signals rating, as well as communication protocol for interface with PLC or SCADA control system

Pumps Information

  • Specify the selected pumps type, motor HP and voltage, motor controller type (VFD, RVSS or FVNR)
  • Set pump motor enclosure type, pump and motor protection sensors

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Establish auxiliary power distribution concept by selecting auxiliary power transformer and panelboard
  • Based on auxiliary loads selection, configure lights, receptacles, SCADA panel, heat trace, generator auxiliary power, level and flow instruments

Level Controls

  • Configure Primary and Secondary level control devices
  • Specify backup level device
  • Specify Surge Protection for level signals

30,000 Feet View

  • This Tab will assist in visualizing developed electrical system structure
  • Each major equipment (utility transformer, Main Breaker, Transfer Switch, Generator, ATS and Pump Control Panel) can be configured and edited by clicking on it

Installation Details

  • Installation details will be automatically generated based on the project equipment selection
  • Additional details can be added or not required details can be deleted


  • Drawings are created automatically based on the entered data
  • Cables, conduits, circuit breakers, generator, ATS and all other components are automatically sized based on NEC code
  • Drawings can be saved in .DXF, .SVG or .PDF formats


  • Specifications are automatically prepared based on data entry
  • Select the specs you want to include in your project or let the program advise which specs to include
  • Specs can be downloaded, printed or saved in Microsoft Word or PDF format

Our solutions for pump stations

Electrical Engineers and Designers

  • Create pricing, bid or construction electrical drawings and specifications based on the process engineer input of pump motor HP
  • Automatically use the latest city or county lift station design standards
  • Avoid drafting or marking up the drawings, and multiple rounds of revisions with your drafter
  • When city or county standards are in the system, it only takes minutes to create drawings and specifications


  • Keep your latest standards online with ELDAPRO and have them easily accessible to design engineers
  • Quickly estimate utility power or generator required for your new or existing pump station
  • Store all your pump stations information (pumps data, level instruments, generator, and SCADA system) online readily available at any time without need of the latest drawings set
  • Instantaneously check if the existing service or generator are sufficient for pumps upgrade or any additions


  • Estimate utility power service and generator size required for new or for upgrading existing pump station
  • Get precise cables and conduits count for a complete pump station construction project
  • Get a system one line diagram with all electrical components specified and ready for pricing


Drawings management

Access your documents on any web or iOS device.

Centralize your drawings, documents, and data in one place, so teammates can securely access, upload, review and edit the latest project updates on any web or iOS device.

Print or send your drawings or specs directly from your online project without using any drafting software.

Design review

Invite team members from anywhere in the world to review or access your project.

Collaborate in real time with partners on desktop or via web and mobile,
so everyone is using the latest data.

No drawings markups required. All changes are made in the project database and automatically get updated on the drawings and specs.


Customer stories

EDEC, Inc, Electrical and Control systems design engineering company located in Duluth, Georgia has successfully tested and used our program for their projects.

The feedback we have: “Excellent choice. Error free design. Saves 80-90% time on a typical pump station electrical and control system design.”

Academic program

ELDAPRO offers academic programs which include entry level and advanced classes for Engineers, Designers and Technicians of all levels.

Upcoming events

ELDAPRO software trainings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month in 2024. Contact us to register!

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